Do empty canvases or whiteboards feel intimidating? Fret no more neonboard is here to change the game!


This project is open source and is available here. This project can be compiled to 3 different platforms: Chrome extension, Website, Android.

To get started, first clone or fork the repo:

Repo organization

Directory/File Purpose
android android app
core core application source
├── assets static assets
├──── img images
├──── locales localized text
├── src source code
extension chrome extension files
test core application unit tests
web web app files
./ project configuration files

Build & Debug Chrome Extension

yarn                # install dependencies
yarn start          # build the extension
  • Using chrome browser go to chrome://extensions
  • Make sure you have developer mode enabled.
  • Click load unpacked ...
  • Choose the project dist/ directory.
  • The extension should load in browser and is ready to debug

Build & Debug Website

yarn                # install dependencies
yarn web            # build the website
cd build            # change to the output directory
http-server -o      # launch website locally

Build Android App

  1. The android app is in directory ./android. Launch Android Studio from this directory.

  2. Create keystore for signing - if you need instructions see signing your app.

  3. In the application project root i.e. ./android directory, add a new file called Using the values obtained in step 2, add following content to this new file:

    storeFile = path/to/keystore
    keyAlias = KEYSTORE_ALIAS
    keyPassword = KEY_PWD
    storePassword = STORE_PWD
  4. Sync the project and build.

Source Documentation

The core application is written in javascript. Source code jsdocs are available here. This documentation is automatically generated from the latest source on each commit and represents the current state of the project.