Flashy Tabs

Use browser new tab to memorize terminology, foreign language vocabulary, historic dates, exam topics etc. Eventually you will master definitions without sweat or cramming.


Compile from Source

This project is open source and is available here.


To build and run this program locally you will need the following:

  • Node.js
  • yarn — optional
  • Web IDE of your choice
  • Chrome browser

Basic Usage

Clone or fork the repo


Install dependecies



yarn start


  • Using chrome browser go to chrome://extensions
  • Make sure you have developer mode enabled.
  • Click load unpacked ...
  • Choose the project dist/ directory.
  • The extension should load in browser and is ready to debug

Full List of Commands

Command Details
yarn start run dev build; add -w to enable watch
yarn build run production build
yarn test run unit tests; add -w to enable watch
yarn docs generate docs
yarn clean clean build files

Repo organization

Directory/File Purpose
assets static assets
├─── img images
├─── locales localized text
src source code
├─── manifest.json extension manifest
test unit tests
./ project configuration files


Source code jsdocs are available here. This documentation is automatically generated from the latest source on each commit and represents the current state of the project.


MIT License