Flashy Tabs

Use browser new tab to memorize terminology, foreign language vocabulary, historic dates, exam topics etc. Eventually you will master definitions without sweat or cramming.

Creating Custom Card Decks

This article is intended for technical users familiar with JSON data format. There is a Card Deck Maker intended for non-technical users.


A card deck is a JSON file with a specific structure. Any JSON file that matches the intended structure can be uploaded to flashy tabs extension.

Sample file

    "name" : "short descriptive name",
    "description" : "1-2 sentences to describe the entries in this file",
    "entries" : [
            "definition":"the round fruit of a tree of the rose family."
            "definition":"the large melonlike fruit of a plant of the gourd family."

Property Description
name Short descriptive name for your dataset
description Briefly describe the contents of this card deck
entries Array of flashcards in the card deck
entries.term Single word or word pair you are trying to memorize
entries.definition Meaning of the term you are trying to memorize

In your file you should specify name and description fields that describe the overall content of your card deck.

entries property must be an array that contains the card objects. The number of cards must be between 1 - N. The upper limit N is constrained by physical disk space, but if your card deck filesize is greater than 1MB it is better for performance reasons to split your data into multiple files.

Each card has two properties: term and definition to correspond to a typical paper flashcard. The value for term should be the word you are trying to memorize and definition contains the meaning for that term.


You may include HTML or inline CSS in definition which will be rendered as-is on by the extension when rendered on the page. Do not include any scripts because extension context will block all inline scripts.