Flashy Tabs

Use browser new tab to memorize terminology, foreign language vocabulary, historic dates, exam topics etc. Eventually you will master definitions without sweat or cramming.

Educate yourself by using new tab to memorize terminology, foreign languages, exam areas, etc. The flashcards are customizable.

Using this extension, every time you launch a new tab you will see a flashcard. Over time this helps to memorize important terminology or whatever else you may be wanting to learn.

Usage examples:

✔️ practice foreign language vocabulary
✔️ memorize dates for history exam
✔️ study bone names for anatomy class
✔️ learn food & wine terms to impress others at social gatherings
✔️ expand your vocabulary of obscure words — what is amphisbaena
✔️ memorize acronyms — if you have .gov email, you know what I mean

The initial dataset features terminology from machine learning glossary but feel free to change it to any card deck you want. You can load in your own card deck under extension settings (click cog icon in top left corner to access settings). Card Deck Maker and examples of how to create your own flashcards are available online.