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Featuring the freshest additions to the Chrome Web Store

About New @ CWS

This website features brand new extensions and themes uploaded to Chrome Web Store.

  1. Why does this website exist?
  2. Are there special considerations I need to keep in mind with new store items?
  3. How do you select items featured on this website?
  4. Feeling nerdy. Can you tell me more about how you choose items?
  5. Is this website affiliated with the Chrome Web Store?

Why does this website exist?

There are lots of existing items in the Chrome Web Store. Popular items are featured on the front page and finding other items is fairly easy when you know what you are looking for. But for brand new items, there are several factors that prevent people from discovering them:

  • The page featuring new/updated items lists a small subset of already established items
  • Brand new items are usually lacking in store design assets making them less likely to get featured
  • Featured items are also selected based on statistics which brand new items have not yet accumulated
  • Looking up items using search assumes user already knows what they are looking for

In combination these conditions create a situation where it may take a while for people to discover new items in the Chrome Web Store. New @ Chrome Web Store was created to reduce this latency.

Are there special considerations I need to keep in mind with new store items?

Yes. First iteration of any software product should only contain the most critical features; it may also be buggy and lacking in overall design. It takes a long time to perfect software but in order to get there, it is necessary to go through these early stages. Also, sometimes what sounds great as an idea is not so great after it has been realized. Keep this in mind when viewing items featured on this website. The same goes for this website overall #MVP.

TL;DR, using the published data from Chrome Web Store and using an algorithm to discover newly added items. No special action is required to be featured on this website.

Feeling nerdy. Can you tell me more about how you choose items?

Well since you’re feeling nerdy we may be on the same level.

Chrome Web Store publishes sitemaps and using those sitemaps, we built a master dataset listing all items already published in the store. The dataset was first built around December 29-31, 2017.

What follows is simply a process of rinse and repeat. Run the same algorithm the next day and compare to the established knowledge, we can identify items that we not there before. In the beginning this approach may lead to some erroneous instances of previously published items to be featured as new items, if they were initially absent when the first dataset was built; however this edge case should resolve itself over time.

Once we have identified each new item for the day, next we make requests to fetch details on each item. If this request fails for whatever reason, the item will be ignored until it becomes publicly available and the request for details succeeds.

The feature date for New @CWS may not exactly match the date item was published at Chrome Web Store. This happens because the datasets are built based on the date an item was first discovered in the sitemaps. There is some undetermined amount of time between these two events.

If you are still reading this because you have just added a new item to the store but it is not featured on this website, here are a couple of tips for you: make sure the item is publicly accessible to anonymous users. You can test this in incognito mode, using VPN or what have you. Also make sure you have checked ‘all regions’ for availability. It should be discovered within a few days after these conditions are met. Secondly make sure you add screenshots if you have not already.

Is this website affiliated with the Chrome Web Store?

No. This website is absolutely not affiliated with any official party.