Chrome Navigation Menu

Customize how you navigate around chrome browser.

Let’s face it, Chrome comes out of the box with specific navigation options and those options are all the same no matter who you are and how you use the browser. Average Tom, Dick and Harry will have very different navigational needs than a for example, a web developer. In order to solve this problem, we present to you: Customizable Chrome navigation menu.

With this handy extension you can choose the links you really care about and pin them for quick access. This allows you to find your favorite features really fast. Other links are organized as an alphabetically sorted flat list so you don’t need to dig into sub sub menus to find what you are looking for. If your preferences ever change, just updated your pinned items.

+ Many other 😎 extension features:

✔️ Discover hidden browser features you never knew existed!
✔️ Play the dino game while you are online
✔️ Drag and drop your favorite links